Tax Amnesty: Start with DioGuardi to fix tax problems faster

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Before your tax guys get out of their depth, get your tax problem to DioGuardi and get your back taxes filed safely.

DioGuardi Tax Amnesty goes beyond VDP to provide true legal protection from prosecution and penalties.

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Let’s set the record straight about what a VDP is and, more important, is NOT.

In 2006, when the CRA shifted the VDP program from the jurisdiction of the Appeals Division into Enforcement – otherwise known as the Tax Police – as experienced tax litigation lawyers, we realized that a voluntary disclosure had suddenly become a trap for extracting incriminating information from unwary tax delinquents.

That’s when DioGuardi created our own unique approach that turns a VDP into the true legal protection of a DioGuardi Tax Amnesty.

In no time at all, the internet was filled with a swarm of tax lawyers and accountants who, without really knowing what we do, represented that they, too, could resolve your tax problems with a tax amnesty.

All you have to do, they say, is file a simple application and PRESTO! No prosecution.  No penalties.  No problem.